an animated short about growing up by Sophie Klevenow
noesis filmstill - image of a child puppet


Noesis is an award-winning animated short film by Sophie Klevenow, developed during the MA Animation course at the University of the West of England in Bristol, UK with the help of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

After its release in 2009, Noesis has been screened at a variety of international festivals, where it received a number of awards and special mentions. It is also included in the German Short Films Catalogue 2011, which is an annually published list by AG Kurzfilm & german films of the 100 outstanding German short films of the year.

The film’s title refers to the philosophical term noesis, which describes the mental process of applying sense to an object and acquiring knowledge through reasoning.

Sophie Klevenow is a designer and animator who worked as set design assistant and graphic designer for theatre in Germany, before starting her MA Animation course in England. Sophie currently works as self-employed designer, illustrator & animator in Bristol, UK.


  • Jury Prize Puppets on Film. 2011
  • Runner-up Babelgum Animatron. 2010
  • backup.award backup_festival. 2010
  • Best of the West Animated Exeter. 2010
  • Best Animated Film Sleepwalkers. 2009
  • UK Canary Award CWFF. 2009


  • Special Mention FIDENA Kunstpiep. 2011
  • White Poplar Award Aniwow!. 2009


  • German Short Films Catalogue, 2011
  • Behance, Motion Graphics Served, 2011
  • Imagine, 2010
  • Animation Reporter, 2009
  •, 2009
noesis filmstill - child sitting on the floor playing and adults passing by noesis filmstill - the puppet's open head shows magical substance inside noesis filmstill - the child uses the substance to blow dreamy bubbles noesis filmstill - an adult stops and observes the playing child noesis filmstill - the adult tries to reach out for a passing bubble but changes their mind noesis filmstill - the adult's speechcloud approaches the child noesis filmstill - the surface of the child puppet changes noesis filmstill - the child puppet grows a new skin noesis filmstill - the child has grown up

Making Of

Noesis is a stop-motion short and has been traditionally animated under camera, with a special focus on the connection of narrative, technique and material.

In its experimental approach, the film uses paper as its main building material to create an unreal world of change and growth. The puppets consist of an aluminium & brass armature and papier-mâché shells, which are partly built and shaped directly under camera.

When the main character starts changing, small paper shreds are layered and glued onto the puppet. As the paper dries during shooting, the look and shape of the puppet slowly changes during the course of the scene.


  • Puppets newspaper, papier-mâché, brass tubes, aluminium wire, polymorph, foam, cardboard, blackwrap foil, silicone, glass
  • Bubbles acrylic hemispheres, paper
  • Set glass, wood, paper, iron rods (rig)

Camera Kit

  • Body Canon 40D DSLR
  • Lens Nikon Nikkor 55mm
  • Software Stop Motion Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Audition

25th of a second

Recording of the main animation process.
The video shows the preparations that are needed for each single frame on one of the more complex shots of the film.


Recording of the puppet's surface changes.
This video shows the steps involved in modelling and animating the main character's skin change, move and grow under camera.

making-of image - storyboard and moodboard sketches making-of image - technical drawing of the child puppet making-of image - plastercast shells for the various puppets making-of image - preparation of the adult puppet's torso and limbs making-of image - test shoot of child puppet's expression making-of image - set picture during film shooting in studio making-of image - rigging for the walking adult puppets making-of image - preparation for the floating bubbles on glass making-of image - changing the surface of the child's puppet

Watch the film

Noesis is now available to watch online.

Having finished its main festival run in 2011, Noesis is available to watch directly via vimeo, or through short film directories and showcases such as and skwigly.


  • Genre stop motion animation / shortfilm
  • Country and Year UK | Germany. 2009
  • Tech Specs 4 min. colour. stereo. 1.78:1



  • CinéPilat Pélussin. France
  • IMAGINALE BW. Germany


  • Somerset Art Weeks Wells. UK
  • FIDENA Kunstpiep Germany
  • A Summer Squall Ramsgate. UK
  • Bristol Festival of Puppetry UK
  • Begehungen Chemnitz. Germany
  • Puppets on Film London. UK


  • GIRAF Calgary. Canada
  • Banjaluka Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Babelgum Animatron
  • Balkanima Belgrade. Serbia
  • Birmingham Arts Festival UK
  • KROK Russia
  • Animation Block Party New York. USA
  • Unicato mdr TV broadcast. Germany
  • Festival a/d Werf Utrecht. Netherlands
  • backup_festival Weimar. Germany
  • Filmfest DresdenGermany
  • Go Short Nijmegen. Netherlands
  • Monstra Lisboa. Portugal
  • Stoke Your Fires Stoke-on-Trent. UK
  • Animated ExeterUK


  • Sleepwalkers Tallinn. Estonia
  • Flip West Midlands. UK
  • Aniwow! Beijing. China
  • Stop Motion Festival Montreal. Canada
  • Anim'est Bucharest. Romania
  • KLIK! Amsterdam. Netherlands
  • CWFF London. UK
  • UWE FoCA Degree Show Bristol. UK
  • Firstlook Bristol. UK
close up picture of main character puppet


Sophie Klevenow currently works as self-employed designer, illustrator & animator in Bristol, UK.


  • Music & Sounddesign Sascha Mock
  • Soundmix & Mastering Ben Mitchell
  • Special Thanks to Dave Borthwick, Mary Murphy, Chris Webster, Eileen Elsey